Hello, my name is Dot.

Because I wasn't raised in a Christian home I became an agnostic. Actually, I hated to hear anything about God.

How I became a Christian isn't as important as how I witnessed to my brother after I became a Christian.

One day he said to me, "Dot, I don't understand how someone as intelligent as you could find yourself using a crutch like Christianity."

(He was prejudice about my being intelligent - LOL)

I answered slowly and somberly, "Let's assume I am wrong and I die. Now, tell me, what have I lost? Think about that a moment before you answer. What have I lost? Now, what if I'm right and you're the one who is wrong? Think about it... What have you lost?"

My brother didn't become a Christian... He died from a heart attack before he was very old. He never told his family anything about God because he refused to believe. He said to me one day, "Dot, I have just as good a chance to get to heaven as any church going person I know. I'm a good husband, father, grandfather, neighbor, worker and friend. I know lots of so-called Christians who are not as honorable, or caring about others as I am. If there really is a heaven, God will let me in."

I told him it wasn't about being good enough because we can NEVER be good enough! We are sinners and we will die sinners! The ONLY good thing in any Christian is Jesus Christ. His blood covers our sins... we are sinners saved by grace and grace alone. We can't earn it, we can never deserve it and we can't keep it once we have it (only God can keep it for us and He seals our souls unto that day). It's God's gift from a heart full of love for all human kind. We are His creation and He will love us and keep reaching out to us until the day we die.

My beloved bother rejected God's plan of salvation. It seemed too simple and easy for him. If there were a heaven, there had to be another way... During my brother's funeral his daughter placed a baseball in his casket and other mementos to be buried with him. She said, "Here Dad, go play your favorite game somewhere out there and wait for us to join you."

How sad! What a tragedy! Oh, how I loved my brother! He was so good-looking and so sweet natured. He was all he claimed to be and more... because he was also one of the best brothers anyone could ever hope to have.

Now, if you are here at this page and you don't know Jesus Christ as your savior... I can tell you a simple, yet difficult way to become a Christian.

All you have to do is look at your life and think about all the sins you've committed - That's the easy part...

Now, bow your head and heart to God and tell Him you want to believe in Jesus Christ and you are sorry for those sins! Ask Him to forgive you for all your sins, and to help you have the faith to believe His Word. That's the hard part... It's hard because our pride gets in the way and we start reasoning about it... reasoning isn't what it's about though.

It's about simple faith...

The song you are hearing is a simple song full of truth... listen well and don't click out of here until you've prayed for God to forgive you, and to come into your soul and take control.

It's Your move...

Father God, I thank you for the salvation provided by your son, Christ Jesus. I thank you for loving me enough to reach out to me even when I was still living in sin. I thank you for never giving up on me, and I thank you for your sure salvation given to me the moment I humbled myself and said I was sorry for my sins. I thank you for my children's salvation, my husband's salvation and for the many other family members who have given their life over to your guidance through your Holy Word, the Bible.

I pray now for whoever is reading this. I pray for your blessings on their life and if they are not a Christian, I pray for you to convict them of their sin. I ask you to open their blind, spiritual eyes so they can see - just as I did - how great a salvation you have offered us. I love you and want to live in heaven with you and my family. I don't want the family circle broken anymore... Amen, and amen...

If you need prayer or want to know more about salvation, please email me... You are welcome to leave your prayer in my prayer book below. You may pray for yourself or a loved one. You don't have to mention names or even leave your own name. God knows who you are and that's all that matters.

The Sinner's Prayer

Lord you've touched,
My heart today.
That is why,
I've come to pray.

You see all I have,
All the things,
I try To hide.

Jesus I believe that,
You are there,
And you're listening to this,
Sinner's prayer.

Touch this broken heart,
And make it new.
I believe,
In you.

Please forgive me,
For my sins.
All I've done,
And all I've been.

Serving you,
Forever more.
Every day,
You'll be my Lord.

Jesus I believe that,
You are there.
And you're listening to this,
Sinner's prayer.

Knowing that you'll remember,
What you've heard.
I believe,
Your word.

In your name this prayer,
Will end,
And all new life,
Will begin.

Now I know,
I'm not alone.
Hold my hand,
And lead me home.

by Ray Boltz

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