From the top and left to right: Neal Powell and Lisa McEntire/Powell - Dwain McEntire and his wife, Joyce (holding their son Michael) sitting below him. Next is David and Holly McEntire (dark blue shirts) - Elzie and Sharon McEntire (Elzie in striped shirt). Ryan Hitt is next with Soraya McEntire/Hitt (sitting below him in white overalls/pink blouse).
Middle row and from left to right: Ray McEntire (black shirt) - Patricia McEntire/Butterworth (red blouse) - Dorothy Caywood/McEntire (that's me in white poka dot blouse) - Doran McEntire (my husband) in light blue shirt - Renita Woodard (in black blouse and sitting next to Soraya McEntire/Hitt).
Now for the bottom two rows and from left to right: Matthew McEntire (Dwain and Joyce's son - with white collar shirt) - behind him is Patricia McEntire/Butterworth's daughter, Jessica, (in white blouse). Next is Joshua Powell (Lisa and Neal Powell's son) he is in the shirt with #18 on it - above Josh is Patricia McEntire/Butterworth's daughter, Kristen, (black blouse) - below her is Neal and Lisa Powell's daughter, Brandi, (who is holding Ryan and Soraya Hitt's daughter, Katelynn) - Behind Brandi, and in the pink blouse is, Kristeena, who is Elzie McEntire's girl (by his first wife, Kwanna) - Next to Kristeena is her sisters, Dorothy who is holding her sister, Karol Anne, who is in the white dress, (Karol Anne is Elzie and Sharon McEntire's daughter). Next to Dorothy is her sister, Shawnra (in white and blue blouse) - Below Shawnra is Patricia McEntire/Butterworth's daughters, Kimberly (who is holding her sister, Destiny). - Next is Lamanda (Elzie McEntire's oldest daughter by Kwanna) she is in a light gray and black sweater. - Below her is Neal and Lisa Powell's oldest son, Justin who is in the gray shirt). - Last but not least is Ray's oldest son, Kelcey (by Renita Woodard). Kelcey is wearing glasses and a gray shirt.

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