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~Tribute To Drivers~

This poem is dedicated to all

Thanks for all those miles
That you drive each day
and for all those sleepless
nights, and the things that
get in your way.
Thank you for the hours,
of waiting for the loads.
to bring us our needs,
our bedding, our food, and
our clothes.
Thanks for all your time,
and energy that it takes.
To keep them wheels turning
and all the effort, that it takes.

Now may God bless you, in all
That you do.
I believe He has a special place,
for people like you !

by Pat Romine
copyright©2002 P.R.
Please don't take this poem without written premission from my friend, Pat Romine.
You may email him HERE

I had three brothers who were drivers. I now have two sons and a husband who drive a truck. I drove for awhile with my husband, so I know some of the fustrations drivers face on the road. If you are here and have never driven a truck please take this to heart. Don't drive too close behind a truck (it's dangerous because they could have a tire blow out and part of the tire could come through your windshield). Don't try to pass a truck when he's making a turn (the driver needs both lanes to get the truck turned). Do give a truck plenty of space - Don't slowly pull out onto the highway in front of a truck (a truck isn't like a car. It can't be stopped as quickly, or started back up as quickly as your car). Be extra courteous to our truck drivers, they haul the food you eat, the clothes you wear, the furniture you sit on and the car you drive.
Without our truck drivers hauling 7/24 we would be in serious trouble.

Give them a break.

God will bless you for it,
and you will be safer on the road.

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