Hello.. I hope you enjoy the pictures I took this morning (12-04-02). I'm still not over Thanksgiving and the house is not as clean as it should be - We started getting company on Wednesday before Thanksgiving and it was Sunday night (late) before all our company left. I have included a few pictures taken at Thanksgiving and will add more when they are developed. It was a great time and we loved every minute of it... but as always, it's good to have peace and quiet also. Doran and I went to the doctor on Monday and his PSA is at a zero so he doesn't have to start radiation treatments until January 2003. We are very thankful for the good news! I went to the dentist on Tuesday and had two wisdom teeth pulled and am still recuperating today. Anyway, just making excuses for the cluttered house... LOL

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This is our loaded table at Thanksgiving. Of course, there was plenty more not at this table - LOL

This is Doran getting ready to carve turkey - our middle son, Dwain, is looking on.

This is two of our granddaughter's who were here for Thanksgiving. Both are our son, Elzie's girls. Jasmine is his step-daughter and Kristy is from his first marriage.

This is looking toward our barn. Lots of ice but not as bad as it was a few years ago!

This is looking toward the tree that has the tree house in it. You can see part of front of our home to the left of picture.

This is our wolf-dog, Loba Linda, and our boxer, Bonnie. Loba is eight years old and Bonnie is two years old. Loba wouldn't hurt anyone (would probably lick a burgler to death) but Bonnie is another story! LOL

This is another picture of Loba and Bonnie. Loba loves winter time... she's just now getting very pretty and looking more like a wolf. She's over half wolf (can't say how much but it's quite a bit). She loves people and kids clinb all over her.

This is the view of the front of our home (looking West). Doran has a wagon full of wood on the covered porch so I don't have to go far to get it. We're just hillbillies! LOL

This is one view of our backyard. We have about five acres of fenced in yard. Lot's to mow in the summer! LOL

This is my messy kitchen looking North - from the hallway toward the treehouse which is just outside the window.

This is not a good picture - but it's of our living room taken from our dinning room - facing South.

This is another picture of our living room taken from the bathroom entrance. It's sizie is 20 X 30ft.
Our whole house is 60ft by 60ft.

This is yet another picture of our Living room taken from the hallway door ( I am facing East). We have a ocean scene that covers the entire east wall. My theme in there is nautical with ships Doran brought home from overseas and pictures we picked up here in the states.

This is one last picture of living room (I am facing West). I tried to get a picture of the ship hanging on the wall to the left of hall door but didn't get it all in.

This is looking South down our hallway. Door at end of hallway is to the guest bedroom - just to the right is our bedroom door.

This is my kitchen dinning area (I am facing West). The picture was taken from our larger dinning room.

This is the guest bedroom facing South. It's still a mess because we had six granddaughter's camping out in there for four nights (and I haven't cleaned it up). LOL

This is a picture of our dinning room taken from the living room French doors (I am facing North). If you look close you can see the Grandma and Grandpa sitting in a little rocker. A friend of mine made them for me.

This is another picture of our dinning room taken from the front door - I am facing West.

LOL - One more dinning room picture and this one is taken from the kitchen (facing East). You can see the little praying doll I have at a school desk. She is so cute!

This is taken from our bedroom looking East into our computer room. The machine you see in front is my treadmill (that I don't use like I should!) LOL

This is a picture of the bookshelf Doran built me several years ago. It's in our bedroom and you can see part of the bed below (with the homemade quilt on it). The doorway you see enters into the hallway.

This is another picture of the other end of my bookshelf that covers the whole north wall of our bedroom. It looks pretty messy because our granddaughter's were looking for books to take home and also for mementos I had stored on the shelves.

Doran came home and it started snowing great big flakes. We went outside and he took my picture.


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