Hope In  A World Of Hate
~Is having a solid faith in God~

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Hope is something we all need to survive.
Hope for the future
Hope in mankind
Hope for our self-worth
These are just a few
of the things we have hope in.

Often our hope is shattered by tragedy,  then we find ourselves struggling to
regain some semblance of faith. Learning to cope with heartache  is an on-going process  that leaves us, at times, soul-weary.

Each person's sorrow is a unique experience. However, it does help to know others
who have suffered.  Therefore, if you are in a battle for hope,
you will find a kindred spirit here.


The way you respond to conflict reveals your concept of God.
Sadly, very few Christians realize that resolution of a conflict is not an option is a command. Many Christians lack the desire to honor God with their responses in the midst of their conflict. which is a universal human experience...
~by Ken Sande~
Stress, strife, disillusionment, dissatisfaction, bitterness, anger, hurt, misunderstanding, and confusion comes from everything said and done by religious people ABOUT the Lord, and IN THE NAME of the Lord, that does not, in fact, have anything to do with Jesus Himself.
~by Chip Brogden~

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