I am honored to place these wonderful awards here.
I am proud of each and every one.

award from Shelia

Sheila, thank you for this award.
It is beautiful and unexpected!
I place it here with pride

award from Shelia

Sheila, thank you for this award.
It's beautiful too, and also unexpected!
I am honored to receive it.

Award from Teri

Thank you, Teri, for this wonderful award.
You are a dear friend and I realize how fortunate I am to have you in my life.

Award from Caroline

God bless you, Caroline, for this precious award.
I am always so pleased to receive unexpected awards.
I pray for God to bless you with all heavenly blessings full of His truth and purpose for your life.

Award from Happy Mail

Thank you, Happy Mail Spotlight, for this wonderful award.
It was very unexpected, and I am pleased to be in your Spotlight this week.

Award from SharryWJ

Thank you, Sharry, for this beautiful award.
I love receiving unexpected awards!

Award from Francine

Thank you, Francine, for this precious award.
Francine writes the most beautiful poetry anyone could ever read.


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