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I am so sorry but I no longer have awards for you to apply for. Since I've opened my graphics business up I just don't have the time for everyone applying for my awards. I do give awards out but only on sites I visit and approve of.

If you wish me to visit your site for an award please send me the URL to your site. I may not get to it right away and sometimes my server blocks some emails I really want, so if you haven't heard from me in a few days please email me again.

E-mail Me Here for an award

Thank you, Richard Van Cleve, of Master's Touch World Missions, for this award. I feel very honored to have such an outstanding award.Master's Touch World Missions site.

This award is quite an honor to receive and I'm very proud to have it displayed on my site. Thank you, Todd! He has so much to see on his site you really should take a look around. He has hobbies and interests like motorcycling, ham radio, water gardening, link directory, free software and much more

This award is quite an honor to receive
(from Sealights) and because it was an unexpected blessing, it is worth far more than gold to me! 
From the bottom of my heart... Thank you

Sept. 10, 1999

Thank you, Angels Design, for the awards. I am honored and greatly appreciate them.

The Places in the Heart Award is for having content directly related to helping others.

The Guiding Light Award is for obvious Christian content.

Thank you, Diann (from Di's Angels) for the two awards!
I appreciate them so much and proudly display them here.
December 24, 1999
What a nice Christmas surprise!

I am honored to have been presented with this award from Dokimos. You really should visit this site! You'll be pleasently surprised at the front door... And, you'll be so glad you, "Came in out of the rain".    LOL   :>)
Because what's inside is simply wonderful!

Thank you, Linda (Puggy Tu and the Kountry Pugs), for this beautiful award. I am greatly honored and truly appreciate it.

You should visit her site... It's a delightful experience!

Thank you, Melissa Kahl. I humbly accept these coveted awards from your site. Melissa is a dear, dear friend of mine
She calls me Mom :>)
~ ~ ~
I am not only grateful for your friendship,
but I am thankful for the awards.
God bless you, Melissa...

I received two other awards from Melissa that are on my Child Memorials Site.


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