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Angel Globe Adoptions

Angel Adoptions

Polly Doll friend Adoptions

Polly Adoptions

Grandmother's wise saying Adoptions

Grandmother Dolls

Outhouses with sayings on them

Outhouse Adoptions

Globes with Angels holding Traditional Birthstones

Angel Birthstone Adoptions

Circled Bible Verses

Bible Verse Adoptions

I have two pages of Angel globes for you to choose from and adopt. You are welcome to take as many as you wish. These angel globes will make wonderful gifts. I have angel globes of Penny Parker and other artist (with permission). Letter of permission is on the adoption page.

I have Polly Dolls for adoption too. They came from an old 1940's Paper doll book. They are adorable! And will make a great gift for a friend.

I also have a page of Grandmother Dolls with wise sayings. They came from an old 1940's Paper doll book. I believe you will find them very unique and wonderful.

Then I have Outhouses for adoption (laughing). Yes, you read it correctly... I have Outhouses for you to adopt. I think they are so cute and have funny, witty or old wise sayings on them. Go take a look! I think you will be surprised... *S*

I have angels holding the traditional birthstones for you to adopt. I tried to color the angel's clothes the same color as the birthstone and added the meaning of the flower for the month.

I have a page of animated globes with flowers and Bible verses in them. They are all different colors, flowers and Bible verses. They are unusual and I think you will like them very much


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