The angels below are available for adoption. Please also take the adoption certificate for each one and place with it. You are welcome to adopt as many angel globes as you wish (Just please take the adoption certificate also). Thank you so much...

Please do not link to these graphics (that's called Band width theft and I know you wouldn't want to do that *smile*) Save them to your own hard drive.

These angels will make wonderful gifts for your friends... Most of the angels on this page came from the wonderful paintings of Penny Parker. Please visit her site - you will love it! Click onto her logo below or

I also have included her email with permission to use her angels as globes. The email is at the bottom of this page. Ms Parker does not want her angels tubed, so please resist the temptation to do so... Thanks!


Some say that angels come from God, borne here on wings so white,
To touch some human beings life while on heavenly flight.
That may be true, for so it seems to happen, now and then.
Some heavenly being reaches down to touch the hearts of men..
But there's another kind of gift, that comes from God to men.
It happens when a human heart is filled with love again.
And this can happen anytime, but human hearts are often shy,
and fear what men would say,
they also fail to see how Love could use them in this way.
And so they miss the chance to be Somebody's Angel when a caring word,
a thoughtful deed would've brought love back again.
So listen, friend, and heed Love's call.
To help someone in need.
Somebody's Angel, on this day,
~~Author Unknown.~~

Angel of St Patrick's Day

Angel Of Easter

Angel Of Spring

Angel Of Light

Angel Of Animals

My Son In Heaven's Angel

Angel of Computers

My Children's Guardian Angel

Angel Of Suffering

My Daughter In Heaven's Angel


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Ms Parker's email to me:

Hi Dot,
I just saw your page and must say, they are beautiful! You did a wonderful job on them and I am very pleased with your work.

Thank you for not distributing any tubes of the angels. I have heard from different people they are going around in the internet with no credits whatsoever. I also appreciate your placing my name on the globes and giving me credits for my work.

I do approve of everything you have done and am so glad you wrote and told me. Please let me know the address of your main page so I can add a link to your site for everyone else to enjoy also.
Thank you so much for everything.