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This is a poem my cousin, Lois Caywood/Guffy, wrote and I wanted to place it here for others to enjoy. Thank you, Lois!


»§«:*´`³¤» Lois Caywood Guffy«¤³´`*:»§«

Just say all you want about living in the good old days.
I lived em' and I know there are more comfortable ways.

Now, imagine having to go to the little house out in back,
Waiting until the last minute to hop out of your cozy sack.

Running out into the night and wondering if you can wait
To answer natures call, that is, if you didn't wait too late.

With your nightshirt a flippin and flappin in the breeze,
As you quickly ran down the path to the house in the trees.

Now folks, you can say what you want and say it with pride,
But I cherish my old Sears & Roebuck Throne that sits inside.

by Lois Caywood Guffy 3-17-2001

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