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Directly below is a special cause that I'm VERY concerned about. It's the amount of people who are dying without Christ. What are we doing to witness for Christ? I'm so concerned about the numbers that it breaks my heart every time I visit this page. We need to realize how valuable each life is to God! If we truly loved God we would be on our knees praying for each precious soul. We would be praying for our missionaries, our churches for revival and revival in our own lives... Amen?


The rate in which a light flashes on top of an emergency vehicle is the average rate that people are dying and going to hell.

The flashing blue or red light on top of an emergency vehicle is a signal of need: The emergency could be a fire, a crime, or a person in physical duress. Whenever you see the flashing light, you know there is a need. The flashing light is symbolic of something else too. The speed at which the light flashes is approximately the average rate in which people are dying and going to hell. That’s about 1.7 people every second.

Of course, there is no way of accurately knowing how many people are dying and going to hell. Only God knows for certain. We can, however, make some general calculations based on facts we do have.  There are many very extensive studies that breakdown the religious beliefs of the world.  When you compare these belief systems with the Bible you have a good idea how many people believe in the Biblical plan of salvation.  According to these studies, 7% of the world's population has accepted the Biblical plan of salvation.  Even if this research is wrong and 75% of the world is going to Heaven, that still means that 38,000 people are going to Hell every day.  Clearly, any way you look at it, there is still a tremendous amount of work that needs to be done. 

Following is how the numbers add up:


1.68 per second

101 per minute

6048 per hour

145 thousand per day

53 million per year

3.7 billion per average lifetime (70 years)


 The number above is the estimated average number of people

who have died and gone to Hell since you opened up this page.


As with any statistic, it is easy to forget each number represents a person, an eternal soul, someone just like you. Although we cannot fully comprehend it, God has a personal and deep love for each person. The harvest truly is great and the laborers are few. Hosea 4:6 says, "For a lack of knowledge, my people perish."

The next time you see a flashing light, remember it is symbolic of someone entering into a Christ-less eternity. Also remember, if it were not for the faithfulness of another believer, that flashing light would have been symbolic of your fate. The flashing lights are declaring a need; a need for us to pray, give, and go.


The Raw Statistics

Number of people in the world (as of Jan. 2004) 6.339 billion

Number of true believers 410 million

Number of non-believers 5.989  billion

% of the world’s population which will die this year .883%

# of the non-believers who will die this year 52.9 million

# of seconds in a year 31,536,000

# of the non-believers who will die each second 1.68


How the statistics were derived

It is difficult to determine the exact number of true believers in the world. There are many that are labeled "Christian" because of the country they live in. Others view themselves as Christians simply because their parents were Christians or because they attend a church. The only way to determine if a person is a true believer is to compare their method of salvation to what the Bible teaches.

Using this as a guideline, the number of true believers has been estimated around 340 million, but could be as low as 230 million. To provide for a margin of error, we will say there are 400 million true believers. Even if there were twice as many true believers (800 million) the number of people dying and going to hell would still be high, around 1.51 instead of 1.68 per second.

The source of the "mortality rate" (.883%) was the CIA World Fact Book, 2003.  The world's population can be found at:
A mortality rate of .883% means that 1 out of every 113 people in the world will die this year.

Chapter:  13.09

(Section 13:  What about those "Without the Gospel?")

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