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The following HTML help is for those who are just wanting to know the basics of HTML... If you have an advanced questions please feel free to email me HERE and I will try to answer your questions.

I also have a page with loads of links to HTML help and lots of other goodies.
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You will love all the great links I have there for you!

How to leave a Graphic in a Guest-book

First upload graphic into your WebSite files.
After you upload the graphic into your WebSite files, click on it in your File Manager to display it. Make note of its Address in the area on the top of your screen that contains the URL. Copy and paste that address into a text file in any Word Processing Program.
You can also make a note of it's height and width by right clicking on the graphic and then click on "properties" (those on AOL may not have this option).
By adding the address into your word processor, you can add all of the HTML needed to leave a gift in a Guest-book and have it be correct all the time-
by just highlighting it in the saved text file
- copy- and paste in the Guest-book.
It's much easier this way than typing it all the time and risk making an error. When you decide to leave a different gift- all you have to do is change the name and address part of your graphic to the new one.

Most free servers will not allow remote linking. Geocities will not allow you to post a graphic in a guestbook but I don't know about other servers. Since I have my own domain at Geocities, I am able to post graphics in guest-book's. If you want a reliable and inexpensive server for your own domain I would suggest you try *Bravenet* or *Geocities* .

Hope In A World Of Hate
<marquee>Your Text</marquee>

To make marquees scroll faster:
Hope In A World Of Hate

<marquee scrollamount="10">Your Text </marquee>

Replace "10" with any number to get desired effect.

To make your marquee slower:

Hope In A World Of Hate

<marquee scrolldelay="20"> Your Text</marquee>

Replace "20" with any number to get desired effect.
You can combine these two codes for
blinking text.

Hope In A world Of Hate

<marquee scrollamount="400" scrolldelay="500">
Your Text </marquee>

Change the numbers to get desired effect.

Following is an example of the code to place in a guestbook:


When signing Guest-book's...
Make sure that the Guest-book accepts HTML.
First ~ View Guest-book's if you can to see if it accepts images, etc.
Second ~ Here's some information on the following Guest-book's.
guestGEAR or htmlGEAR (allows html ~ doesn't allow marquee's)
Homestead (doesn't allow html)
GuestBook.com (allows html)
Dreambook (allows html)
Bravenet (allows html and Preview Entry)
Geocities (allows html and marquee's)

For the ones that won't allow html
There are two ways to get around it...
Include your url with image as part of the typed message.
A gift is waiting for you to pick-up at...
http://www.geocities.com/your site name/graphic name.jpg
Hugs, Dot

or, send an email and attach your gift.

This guestbook is for you to try out your HTML code. If you are still uncertain it will work this practice guestbook will let you know for sure. When you hit the exit button in the guestbook, it will bring you right back here and then you can re-enter the guestbook to see if your code worked. Good luck!

Here is a help for those wanting to put an HTML code in Geocities Page builder...

Open Page builder for the page you want to place the HTML code on. When Page builder has opened click on "insert" in the tools bar. Then click on "Forms & Scripts" and then onto HTML code (at the bottom of forms and scripts). That will bring up a big blue window where you will add your HTML code. First you name the code in the description box (name it what ever you want) and then paste the code in the larger blue box below. Click ok then take a look and see if it is correct. Make sure to place your code box where you want it on your page. If your HTML code requires a graphic then you will have uploaded the graphic into your files at geocities, right? *smile* - Hope it works for you...

LEARN how to access the HTML "source" for each Web page you visit. On both Netscape Navigator and Microsoft Internet Explorer, you'll find "Page Source" (or simply "Source") listed under the "View" menu.






Adding a Signature to your Outgoing Email

Please keep in mind that it depends on what kind of browser and email program you are using.
For windows 98 -

and HERE
for email.

Here is the page TO DOWNLOAD Microsoft internet explorer 5.5 HERE.

1: Go into your mail program. (at the inbox)
2: At the top choose.....TOOLS then STATIONERY
3: Make sure the tab at the top says MAIL
4: In the compose font box...click the Font Settings.....Here you can choose and change the Font type, Font size, Font style(Bold...etc) and Color. Once you have made your selections...click OK......Then make sure you push APPLY. Then click ok and your are done.

1: Start at #1 above
2: You will be in the same place. However, this time select SIGNATURE
3: Make sure you put a check in the box that says
"Add this signature to all outgoing mail".
4: Make sure the "Text" has been selected. Then in the box provided you can type whatever you would like to have included in your email. Saves time and you don't have to repeat it every email. Note: when you type in your URL (home page address) it won't look like a link until you see it in the email.
5: Click OK.......then click APPLY.....now you are done!


For those using Netscape
- use your notepad -

-Make a simple signature with your name - site name - url - anything else you choose to include (scripture, saying, graphic etc.)
Save it as “my signature file”
Then set it up to print when you send mail by:
Clicking on Options
Click on Mail and News Preferences - it will display a 'folder' window
Click the Identity tab
Click on browse next to the Signature box
Find the file where the signature is saved click on it - it will display in the box click on OK
-- That's it!
As far as changing color and type of font - "no can do" with Netscape


Setting a signature in Internet Mail (with IE3.x)

1. From the Mail menu choose Options
2. Click on the Signature tab
3a. Click on Text and type your signature into the box provided Or
3b. Click on File and choose a previously prepared text file (as described above for Netscape).


Other useful tips are these shorthand expressions often seen in email.

BTW=by the way
IMHO=in my humble opinion
RTM =read the manual
ROFL=rolling on floor laughing
ROTFLOL = rolling on the floor laughing out loud
LOL= laughing out loud.

Emotion icons... these are used to indicate "emotion" in emails and on message boards or in chat rooms.
(tilt your head to the left to see them properly)


If you are an AOL user who right clicks on graphics and saves them to your hard drive, your graphics will not download correctly unless you change the way your computer sees and downloads graphics. What looks great to you off line (creating your pages & viewing your pages) looks extremely distorted to other browsers. AOL converts the graphics to a file extension called .art, which only allows other AOL users to see them properly. Reason being, AOL compresses all graphics for faster downloading time. Even though you may save your graphics as .bmp, it doesn't matter!

However, there is a simple solution...

This is for AOL 5.0 & lower

1. On your AOL toolbar click on "My AOL"
2. Click on "Preferences" from that menu click on "WWW"
3. A new menu will pop up. From there click on where you see "Web Graphics" You will see where it states, "use compressed graphics", un-check it.

Then go back to the sites you want to save graphics from and right click to your hearts content. The graphics are now in an "Uncompressed" mode. The graphics you use will no longer be distorted to other browsers when you add them to your site. Which means EVERYONE can enjoy them!

~ You DON'T have to be online to change your settings ~


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